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NVQ’s (which have been replaced by the new QCF qualifications – but are often still called ‘NVQ’s’ ) or National Vocational Qualifications are work-related, competence-based qualifications introduced to train people in the workplace. They reflect the skills and knowledge needed to do a job effectively, and show that a candidate is competent in the area of work the NVQ represents.

Millions of learners in the UK have taken NVQ courses covering a wide diversity of subjects ranging from Health and Social Care, Customer Service, Administration, IT and Hospitality and Catering.

NVQ courses have been have been so popular that the Government have been forced to substantially reduce funding for employers under the ‘Train to Gain’ scheme for resident workers.

NVQ’s/QCF qualifications are based on ‘national occupational standards’ laid down by the Government body ENTO. These standards describe what competent people in a particular occupation are expected to be able to do. They cover all the main aspects of an occupation, including current best practice, the ability to adapt to future requirements and the knowledge and understanding that make competent performance.

Within reason, NVQ’s do not have to be completed in a specified amount of time. They can be taken by full-time employees or by school and college students with a work placement or part-time job that enables them to develop the appropriate skills. There are no age limits and no special entry requirements.

How are NVQ’s achieved?

NVQ’s are achieved through study, training and on-going assessment. Assessment is normally through on-the-job, work related observation and questioning. Candidates produce evidence to prove they have the competence to meet the NVQ standards. Assessors ‘sign-off’ units when the candidates are competent. The assessor tests candidates’ knowledge, understanding and work-based performance to make sure they can demonstrate competence in the workplace.

There are no exams, dissertations or complicated written work needed to gain a vocational qualification.

Majestic College is an OCR accredited NVQ/QCF Training Centre which has helped hundreds of students gain vocational qualifications.

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 Posted on : July 9, 2014